learning to live

metanoia (n.) the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life.
lucy · nineteen · macquarie uni · australia

tumblr is really triggering, i think i need to do a systematic review of what/who i follow and be brutal.. or just continue avoiding this side of the internet for a while longer.

so yah, hi, hello, missing some of you a lot.. but trying to focus on establishing a stable mindset. getting there. closer now than i have been for at least half a year.. idk, a long time.

but quick update: recently turned 20, ran a 9K with an 11 month old knee and a chest infection, on break from uni, went on picnic with boy — tried Camembert.. so yummy!, family is good more often than not, sister had formal and graduation with just her hsc left, boy is fantastic and is the k00lest kat ever, getting on with girl at work really really well — our work is closed this week for reno so we’re going to go out on friday night!!, girls night on wednesday night, oh and saw friends at group hang on friday last last week which helped me regain some sanity and my soul sister last week for little lunch/shop and she’s so wonderful. 

so yeah life is really good, but triggers are a bit much.

peace ☼

deciding to do 500m sprints on the treadmill when i lose focus or my brain gets fuzzy is maybe the best idea ive had in a long time. if only id started this beginning of semester.. then i might actually be fit enough to do this 9K on sunday, eep.

what’s new..? not enough sleep, or exercise, or good food. shit balls, my friends, it’s all slightly turned to shit balls.

im struggling to keep on top of the sheer amount of uni work, and work shifts, and social life, and sleep, and eating well, and exercising
fuck dammit